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8th-Feb-2013 03:22 pm - 2 ficlets
Rory Kurtz
Pairing: Bane/John Blake
Rating: E
Word count: ~ 1000
Summary: The ill-fated jailhouse romance from a different perspective.
Oh Sweet Nothing on AO3
3rd-Feb-2013 11:37 pm - 3 Ficlets
Rory Kurtz
Pairing: Bane/John Blake
Rating: G to M
Word count: ~ 900
Summary: An ill-fated jailhouse romance.
Oh Sweet Nothing on AO3
28th-Nov-2012 09:27 pm - 25 Dark Knight Rises icons
★ tattoo
020 | the dark knight rises
015 | stock & art

HERE @ contract.
15th-Nov-2012 09:16 pm - Fic: I'm a (...)
Title: I'm a (...)
Author: bluetilo
Rating: Nc-17 for explicit sex and language
Beta-reader: omletlove, one of the greatest people in the world
Warning: barebacking and drug use
Summary: Barsad is the only one who sees Bane without the mask.
A/N: Sometimes my stories titles are somewhat random, but not this time, I swear.

You can read it at my journal.
15th-Oct-2012 04:18 pm - Roleplay finder

Hey! Would anyone be up for an RP?
Someone who can dedicate themselves and is more into building things up rather than rushing and finishing right away.

What characters?
I'd like to try being Bane (or share your ideas. we could also have a multiple character rp or several pairings)
Everything goes from AU to dark to humor but basically I'm more likely to write adult stuff with graphic violence and sexual content.
Writing style?
Everything goes.
e-mail or MSN.

Comment or PM me if you'd like to take up on the offer.
Lol wow what a formal application.

3rd-Sep-2012 05:18 pm - Fic: The Gotham Diaries
A Clapping Severus
Title: The Gotham Diaries

Author: rubiography

Rating: M (Sexual Themes)

Pairing: Talia / Bane

Word Count: About 12,000 and counting. This fic is a work in progress.

Summary: Where she went, he followed. For each day that he loved her, he said not a word in protest. And no one would tell Talia Al Ghul they couldn't make him whole again. She would watch the world burn before she watched him in pain. Together, they would be Gotham's greatest reckoning. Told from the revolving character perspectives of Bane, Talia and Bruce.

7th-Aug-2012 11:07 pm - Fic: The Coldest Winter
Title: The Coldest Winter

Characters: Bane/OC

Rating: R (may change)

Note: There aren't many stories with Bane and original character, so I decided to make one myself.

What does it take to tame a beast?
4th-Aug-2012 05:55 pm - Fic: i'm the ocean under you
x-men - dark phoenix

title: i’m the ocean under you

fandom: the dark knight rises

rating: nc-17 (sex)

prompt: Talia and Bane reuniting in secret after Bane comes to Gotham.


3rd-Aug-2012 05:59 pm - Fic: The Grief
Title: The Grief
Characters: Talia/Bane, minor minor: Barsad, Batman
Rating: pg
Word count: 630
Summary: Bane and Talia spend a last moment together.

20th-Jul-2012 04:24 am - Bane/John I love it when you mark me
John in the Snow
Title: I love it when you mark me
Rated: R
Pairing: BanexJohn Blake
Summary: Fill on the tdkr_kink.  "Bane has a thing for marking the things that are his and recently, he's decided that John Blake belongs to him. This results in the man biting marks into John's skin, sucking bruises into the curve of his neck, pinching color into the knobs of his wrists and leaving scratches down his back. He doesn't care if the marks are in places that John can't hide them, he only cares that people know he belongs to someone already. John should mind, but he can't bring himself to care, so he continues to let Bane mark his skin."

Link to fic: http://darlinglileve.livejournal.com/6419.html#cutid1
20th-Jun-2012 12:52 am - TDKR icons!
So many and I've been working on them all day, I'd like to hear what you think!

9x The Dark Knight Rises
3x Mysterious Skin
2x Randomness

Good Evening all :)

So, according to The Internet there was a press screening of The Dark Knight Rises 6-minute prologue yesterday night. Thus today we are awash with descriptions of the footage from various sources.

Thoughts on the reports

This mainly focuses on the critical reception of Bane's voice, if you're interested!
22nd-Nov-2011 09:38 pm - The Brutal Terrorist's Gear!
In the new Empire issue, TDKR costume designer reveals us how the mask works!
Details +Image from the magCollapse )

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